Looking For Roof Leak Repair Services?

We offer professional and cost-efficient roofing repairs service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, and Penang.

Our services cover a wide range of roof services tailored to your needs such as roof leak repair, roof cover coating, roof installation and replacement, Gutter Maintenance, roof waterproofing.

Why Hire a Professional for roof leak repair in Malaysia?

There are a few reasons you need to hire a professional roof repair services in Malaysia. Here are some benefits to hire a professional roof repair service.

Roof Leak Repair In Malaysia

Quality materials: 

It is difficult and time consuming to source your own roof materials based on your building. A well-trained roofer can get the best quality roofing materials for your building at a better price. There would be a guarantee of the materials used.

In terms of consistency and workmanship, skilled roofers concern their reputation. So, a professional roofer will try their best to make their customer satisfied.

Comprehensive services:

Professionals are going to do much more than just repair the leaking roofs. They will perform other services including gutter cleaning, roof waterproofing, replacing a missing roof shingle, and roof restoration if necessary.

Besides, a professional roofer can fix metal, tile, slate, cedar, and commercial flat roof leaks. An interior damage repair resulting from roof leaks will be performed to ensure that everything is working fine. 

Professional roofer keeps you safe:

There is a probability you fall from roofs whenever you try to repair roof leaks on your own. This is often fatal. Even though you’re not afraid of climbing the ladder and walking on a roof, slipping from the roof or ladder will cause injury or even death.

Instead of taking the risk, it is better to let the professional roofer fix it on your behalf. A well-trained roofer will use the safety equipment to make sure they can complete the work without injuries or accidents. 

Save Time: 

Doing it yourself might save you money, but it will take an immense amount of your time. your time is valuable because you have other things in your life competing for it.

There’s no need to spend much time and effort purchasing roofing equipment and materials and doing the roofing task yourself when a professional roofer can do all this for you within a short period.

Entrusting your roofing project to a professional roofing company will allow the project to be completed faster and correctly. 

Repair the roof yourself might save you money when you don’t take into account the amount of time you have spent. To perform the task, you need to identify the type of the roof and its material. Besides, you might have to travel a few times just to make sure that you have purchased all the roof equipment and materials. 

Affordable price:

The roof leak repair isn’t as expensive as we thought. A well-trained roofer can discover the root cause of the roof leak and fix the problem before the roof leak damages your building. When there is a small leak here and there, the roofer will only repair defective parts. This will save you from replacing the whole roof.

Why Choose Our  Roof Leak Repair Services?

Professional roofers: All our roofers are well-trained and experienced in this industry. Our experts’ knowledge allows us to fix the roof leak effectively. On top of that, we used to keep our experts up to date with the latest techniques in this industry via continuous training.

Effective solutions: We will check your roof and identify the root cause of the leak. Then we will provide you solutions that consider your budget and the damage.

Customize solution: Our expert will come to your house. They will assess the extent of damage and then provide you with an estimate for the entire project. They will also advise and recommend you on the best approach to repair the roof.

How much does it cost for roof repair in Malaysia?

For the roof repair services, the price used to start around RM 200. The price will be vary based on the factors below:

Roof type: Repair costs are highly affected by the type of roof on your house. Besides, the cost of roofing materials varies significantly between roof types. Some roofs require more labor and material because the roof can be flat or sloped, high or low pitch, metal or shingled.

Size of roof repairs: The size of the roof repair is a major factor that determines the price of roof repair. Usually, the price of roof repair is based on the square footage of the roof.

For the roof, a square is a 10-foot-square area. For instance, Shingles roofs are sold by a square. Even if the roof repair is smaller than 10 feet, you will be charged for a square.

Your contractor normally will give you leftover materials in this case in case your roof needs to repair in the future.

Existing water damage: Leaking water can damage your home structure. This type of damage only can be detected when the roofer checks the decking underneath.

Repairing a water-damaged building will be costly and increase the cost of roof repair. Therefore, a leaking roof shouldn’t be overlooked until it leads to a total roof replacement.

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Type Of Roof Services in KL, Selangor, and Penang, Malaysia

Here at Roof Repair Company, we offer a wide range of roof services to our clients.
Below are the roof services that we have in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Penang.

Roof Leaking Repairs

A leaking roof is a major issue whether it is just a few drips or constant flow. It has the ability to ruin your home.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration extends the roof life span. It’s a cheaper solution compared to a full roof replacement.

Gutter Cleaning Or Repair

If the gutters not function, water flowing down your roof can pool and cause enormous water damage.

Roof Waterproofing

Several areas need waterproofing to avoid water from seeping into the surfaces of your home.

Why Choose US

Experience Teams

Roof Repair company provides up-to-date training to improve our technician’s skill level. This ensures us to offer consistent and high standards services.

Customized Solutions

The roof problems vary across the building. Hence, we need to customize roof solutions to solve the roof issues.

Affordable Price

We will ensure our roofing services are affordable after we take into account the roof issue.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Locations That We Offer Roof Services In Malaysia

Roof Repair company has expanded our team and network nationwide. Our area coverage as follow:

kuala lumpur

Roof Services in Kuala Lumpur (KL)


Roof Services in Selangor


Roof Services in Penang


Roof Services KL

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Roof Services Perak

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Roof Services Johor

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Other Locations We Service

  • Bukit Bintang
  • Titiwangsa
  • Setiawangsa
  • Wangsa Maju
  • Batu
  • Kepong
  • Segambut
  • Lembah Pantai
  • Seputeh
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  • Kuala Langat
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  • Petaling
  • Sabak Bernam
  • Sepang
  • Barat Daya Pulau Pinang
  • Seberang Perai Selatan
  • Seberang Perai Tengah
  • Seberang Perai Utara
  • Timur Laut Pulau Pinang

Freequently Asked Questions

Can a roof leak be repaired?

Generally, roof leaks can be repaired and it needs to be done as soon as you spot signs of a roof leak.

That’s because a small leak can lead to severe damage to the house if left unfixed.

However, it might not be possible to repair if the weather is bad.

That’s when you need to consider getting a roof professional to temporarily fix it with a tarp until the weather is favorable.

Can you fix your own roof?

The short answer is yes.

You can repair your own roof if you know how to identify the source of the leak and choose the correct material to use for the repair.

However, it is always best to leave it to the professionals to avoid causing more damage to the roof or even the risk of harming yourself.

How do you get rid of roof leaks?

Depending on the roof type that you have, you can temporarily patch it accordingly.

You can replace the shingles with a new one or use a caulk gun to seal the leak with a sealant to fill in the crack or hole.

There’s also roofing cement that you can apply with a putty knife or even gorilla tape that can patch the leak source.

Is it better to repair or replace a roof?

Fixing a leaking roof is much cheaper than replacing it.

In most cases, fixing the roof as soon as you detect a fault or damage on your roof shingles would help your roof last for several more years.

Therefore, having a routine roof check would help a lot.

But, if the leak already caused damage beyond repair, replacing the roof would be the only option.

Does walking on roof damage shingles?

Yes, walking on a roof can damage the shingles.

Shingles can be fragile and prone to damage.

It is not designed to handle a human weight.

Tile roofs can break easily and wooden shingles could come loose.

Though some shingles are flexible, it is best not to walk on them as it might weaken the foundation wood.

Why would shingles fall off the roof?

Shingles can become weak and come off easily if exposed to external factors such as strong wind, walking on the roof, having heavy things fall onto it and even poor installation work.

Shingles that get too old will tend to give way.

Shingles are designed to handle normal wind and rain.

Anything more extreme than those would jeopardize its integrity.

Will roof leak with one tile missing?

Missing one or two roof tiles does not usually mean that your roof will immediately be prone to leaking.

However, it is the external shield against the element.

Heavy rain or storm will eventually work its way into the foundation of your roof and cause severe damage.

It’s best to replace the missing tile immediately to make your roof last longer.

Can rain get under roof tiles?

Under normal circumstances, rainwater should not be able to get under the roof tiles.

However, if a storm strikes, the strong wind could open up small gaps on the roof shingles and allow water to seep in.

This is why good ventilation in the attic is important to let the water dry up and prevent rotten deck or water damage to other areas.

What damage can a leaking roof cause?

Roof leak can cause the wooden foundation to rot and weaken.

This will lead to more expensive roofing repairs.

Mold will also start to grow and may cause allergic reactions.

You will also notice water stains on the ceiling or the bubbling of the paint.

How long does it take for mold to grow from a leaking roof?

It can take up to 48 hours for mold to appear.

It doesn’t take much for mold to grow. Constantly wet condition itself is favorable for mold to start growing.

On the bright side, it’s one of the best signs to look for if you want to detect any moisture accumulation under the roof.

Can you patch a shingle roof?

Yes, you can.

Apply roofing sealant generously around the area with a caulk gun.

Then, use an old credit card or putty knife to smoothen it.

Ideally, get professionals to do it to prevent the risk of injuries especially when the roof is high above the ground and at a steep angle.

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