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You want a durable roof, efficient against the weather. So when it rains, you want your roof to be able to protect your home extremely well. The problem is roof is not built to last forever. It takes damages year in and out.

If you want your roof to last long, then you’ve come to the right place. At Roof Repair Malaysia, we have been helping homeowners throughout Malaysia, keeping their homes safe and protected from the weather all year long.

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What is Roof Waterproofing?

roof waterproofing coating

Roof waterproofing is about adding an extra layer of coating on top of your roof to make it watertight.

Moisture can attack your roof and cause moisture damage to the layers beneath it. From rotting roof frames to discoloration of the ceiling, the cost to repair the damage can add up to be expensive.

Roof waterproofing basically helps your roof to perform better under the hot and humid of Malaysia weather as well as preventing all those roof problems that you might face.

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Benefits of Roof Waterproofing

Why do you need roof waterproofing? It has tons of benefits that would prove to be of a good value for your property! Here’s some of these benefits:

Increased roof lifespan

Waterproofing your roof thickens the water resistant capability. So, the actual layer of your roof lies safe underneath it.

It can also reduce heat absorption of the roof. Therefore, it can help to reduce the rate in which the roof breaks down. Instead of letting your roof layer deteriorate, the waterproof membrane will take the hit first.

So, say goodbye to cracking roof shingles, splitting at the seams and all those roof problems!

Cost-saving in the long term

The roof is vulnerable to the elements. The rain, hot sun and strong wind, all can wear and tear your roof as time goes. The maintenance and replacement of the entire roof would be much more costly compared to just waterproofing your roof.

Easy maintenance effort

The waterproof layer on your roof is much easier to maintain than fixing the roof itself. There is no need to identify the leaking point, getting the matching roof materials to patch it up or even having to work with the foundation of the roof. In most cases, it’s just about putting another layer of waterproof onto your roof.

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Lower heat absorption of the building

The waterproof layer isn’t just about deterring rain water, it also reduces the heat absorption within the structure of your home. This means that the insides of your home will be much cooler.

So, when you’re trying to cool the building with an air conditioner, it will take less energy to do so. Hence, that’s improved energy efficiency that will translate into more saving of your bill.

Ceiling Water damage

Lower risk of water damage

The roof is toughened up with an extra protection layer. This makes it more efficient in driving the rain water away.

Hence, the chances of roof leaking is reduced significantly. We basically don’t need to face the troubles of water damage such as mold growth and discoloration of the ceiling wall.

Reduce risk of health complications from mold growth

Moisture makes the roof a favorable habitat for mold growth. Waterproofing the roof makes the roof less prone to leaking. It keeps the layer under your roof dry and less likely for mold to grow.

Since the risk of mold growth is reduced, we also don’t have to be exposed to the health risk from mold that it may cause. Mold is known to cause allergic reactions, runny nose and even linked to the development of asthma in children.

property with high value

Increase property’s value

Your roof will have lesser risk of the need to be maintained as the waterproofing basically helps to avoid all of that. This leads to better appearance of both interior and exterior of the house.

There’s no need to deal with the musty smell or leak damage. Houses that are waterproofed also have better value in the market.

Roof waterproofing is a worthwhile investment. When done properly, it will keep your property well as well as contribute towards a better life quality in the long run. Contact us!

Our roof specialists will be able to work with you to determine the best type of roof waterproofing method that suits your home!

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