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Get your roof fixed with Roof Repair Malaysia

Roof Repair Malaysia is the leading provider of quality roofing in Subang Jaya city, Selangor. This includes neighbourhoods from SS12 to SS19, PJS 7, PJS 9, PJS 11 of Bandar Sunway and all surrounding areas.

If your home is in need of residential roofing, rest assured that you can rely on us to provide long-lasting solution to your roof problems. Be it roof leaks or gutter damage, we have the experience to take care of them. We are known for our high quality materials used for a wide variety of roofing types.

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Personalized Roof Repair Service

Our roof contractors in Subang Jaya are dedicated to provide you with personalized service that will take care of your needs and fulfill your expectations. We put our clients first so you can rest with a peace in mind that your project will be accomplished within the specified budget and time.

How Is Our Roofing Services Better Than Other Companies?

Quick service
Roof is a very essential part of the home. So, we won’t let you hanging for too long. Time is of the essence. From consultation to repairs, our roof contractors provides Subang Jaya roofing services as quick as possible without compromising quality.

Experienced roofers
Letting your roof handled by professionals is 50% of the job done. Having years of experience in the roofing industry is important not just to get your roof fixed but to also avoid any accidental damage in the process.

Clean work habits
Our roof specialists ensure that the work area on the roof is clean at all times. We make sure that your roof is free from trash after our work is done before calling it a wrap. You would be left to enjoy the beauty of your functional roof like how it is before.

Roof Repair Malaysia aims to provide customer-focused roofing services in throughout the entire Malaysia such as Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur (KL). Contact us to get your roof problems settled.

Roofing Services We Offer

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Roof Leak Repair

With a reliable and dedicated team, Roof Repair Malaysia has been helping to keep residential homes in Malaysia protected over the years. We are well-equipped to assist you with roof leaking repair in Subang Jaya and the surrounding areas.

Have you noticed discoloration on the ceiling, flaking paint on the walls or other signs of roof leak? Our roof contractors at Roof Repair Malaysia will inspect your home, locate the source of leak and get your roof leak repaired.

roof restoration by contractor

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a whole set of steps taken to restore your roof to as close as new. It can involve power-washing the roof to get rid of the black mold stain, removing of roof moss, fixing roof shingles, repainting as well as waterproofing the roof.

Proper steps must be taken when restoring roof to prevent any unwanted harm to your roof. This is where the understanding of different roofing materials and knowledge on their weaknesses are comes into play. Our roofers at Roof Repair Malaysia will perform the necessary assessment to your roof before restoring it to the best condition possible.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to extending your roof life, a proper working gutter is a must. Roof Repair Malaysia offers professional gutter cleaning, repair and installation for residential home owners.

The gutter continuously directs the rain water to the downspout to avoid them from harming your landscape. A properly directed water wll also prevent overflowing of gutter that can leak out and slowly deteriorate your roof over time.

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we understand the importance of a good functioning gutter which your roof will appreciate and also save you money on roof repairs in the future.

waterproof roof coating

Roof Waterproofing

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we specialize not only in fixing leaking roof for residential homes but also enhance the durability of your roofs before problems surface. Roof can be damaged over time from storms. Roof waterproofing will add a layer of protection on it, increasing its durability.

We have experience waterproofing many types of roofing materials such as asphalt singles, metal roofing and more.

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Roof is the first line of defense against weather. Let us take care of this defense for you.
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