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Roof Leaking Repair in Penang

roof repair penang

We specialize in roofing services to prevent and repair roof leaks

Roof leak repairs always start with the detection process where we will identify the source of the roof leak. It’s not always that you find your wet spot directly under the leaking roof. Water leaks usually have a way of being deceptive.

When the weak point of your roof starts leaking, the cohesiveness of the water will allow it to flow some distance down the roof before dripping off onto your attic or ceiling. Our professional roof contractor in Penang knows the tricks that a water can play.

We also cover areas in Penang such as Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam.

So, you don’t have to risk yourself climbing up the attic or even onto your roof to search for the leaking point. Our Penang team of Roof Repair Malaysia will provide fast, reliable leak detection and roof leaking repair for Penang home owners.

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Immediate roof leaking repair can help prevent mold and roof truss

Searching for the source of water leak under the roof can be quite a challenge especially when your home has vaulted ceiling. Water can travel many feet from where it got in before start dripping off onto your ceiling. Sometimes, the leak may not even be that obvious except when there is heavy rain throughout the entire day. Even so, this does not mean that it’s harmless. If the moisture got in, degradation will start to happen. Mold will start growing and wood-rotting fungus will begin to grow as well. If you see discoloration on your ceiling, this very well means that there’s roof leak somewhere.

We’re Experienced Roof Contractors

Even the best roofing system can develop problems. Good news is that we can replace shingles and repair leaking roof caused by general wear and tear. If your roof needs to be replaced, we provide the highest quality roofing services that can cater your needs.

It’s very important to find a professional roofing contractor that you can rely on when something goes wrong. A trained roof contractor can solve all of your roof problems and at a reasonable cost.

We provide excellent roof repair in Penang. Our roof contractor can handle all sorts of roof repair including replacing roof tiles, roof waterproofing, roof replacement and more.

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Reliable Penang Roof Leaking Repair Specialist

A lot of Penang home owners don’t realize that they have roof issues until it’s too late. Those years of exposure to heavy weather storm and strong wind will start to wear and tear the roof shingles. What you will notice is roof tile cracks, roof moss growing and disintegration of roof shingles that can cause serious damage to the overall durability of your home. With our Penang roof contractors on your side, we can repair any roofing concerns that you might have.

Why Choose Us For Roof Repair in Penang

  • Our roofers is the leading roof contractors in Penang. We have tons of expeirience in handling all sorts of problems that a roof may have. Whether you have flat roof, tiled roof, metal roof or asphalt roof, we know each of the characteristics of these tyeps of roof. Therefore, we can efficiently repair them accordingly.
  • We have consistently serviced neighbours from Penang with the very best roof materials at a good pricing. Our roof contractors is Penang’s trusted partner.  If you are in need of roof leak repair, we are all set to help.
  • We offer unmatched quality when it comes to repair or replace your roofing and more.

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The longer you wait to fix that roof leak, the more problems your home wll suffer as time goes. Roof repair and maintenance will save your from even more costly repairs or roof replacement in the future. With our Penang roof contractor’s specialty, we will ensure timely and effective roof repairs to keep your roof in tip top condition.

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contractor repairing roof

Roof Repair

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we respect your time and your property. Roof leaks can happen at anytime and it is often incredibly inconvenient. Let us save you from your roof leak stress by offering quick response and effective solutions. No matter which area you are in Penang, our roof leaking specialist will be there to fix the roof of your home.

roof restoration by contractor

Roof Restoration

Not only a newly restored roof can make your home looking good, our Penang roofers will also ensure that our work is at the highest quality. Trust that we will go above and beyond to make sure your roof looks as good as new.

gutter cleaning

Gutters and downspouts

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we believe in keeping your roof gutters in best possible shape year-round. This is important to protect your home from the elements as how it is intended to. Even the smallest gutter defect can shorten the lifespan of your roof and impact the interior of your house as well as exterior.

Our Penang roof contractors will get your gutters back into the rightful shape with the speed and efficiency that Penang residents have trusted. You can get back to your on home feeling safe and protected!

waterproof roof coating

Roof Waterproofing

Every year, we helped countless homeowners who had faced a leaking roof. Did you know you can reduce the risk of roof leak by waterproofing it? We apply an extra layer of protection to increase the durability of your roof. We are particularly careful to ensure the entire roof is well covered. This worthwhile addition to your roof will let you be worry-free of any roof leak problems for a healthy period of time.

Pro Roof Repair in Penang Island

Put the roof problem stress on our shoulders. We have what it takes to take care of it!
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