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Your Reliable Roof Leaking Repair Service in Cheras

Quality Roof Repair Services Get your roof fixed with Roof Repair Malaysia We are your trusted roof leaking repair specialist in Cheras. With our years of expertise, we provide permanent solutions to the roofs and gutters of your home. Regardless what types of roofs, we have the solution to it. Our roof contractors serves homeowners throughout Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor and Penang. This also includes Puchong, Klang, Subang Jaya and all nearby areas.

Certainty and Peace of Mind for Your Roof

Get your roof fixed with Roof Repair Malaysia

Roof Repair Malaysia has over years of experience in roofing installation, restore and repair in Cheras. We take our work as our pride and make sure that your roof gets the best treatment in terms of quality, appearance and durability.

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Complete Roofing Services

Roof Repair Malaysia offers complete roof leak repair services in Cheras. From large or small damage, broken roof tiles, rotting roof frames or roof leak, we are ready to help you.

Our commitment to our customer includes providing the highest quality of roofing materials. Working with quality supplier offers the best performance for your roof.

If you’re looking to for someone to take care of the roof problems for you and increase¬† your home’s value at the same time, look no further than us.

Roof Repair Malaysia Roofing Services:

  • roof leak repair
  • roof maintenance
  • roof inspection
  • flat roof repair
  • roof patch
  • roof flashing repair
  • slate roof repair
  • garage roof repair
  • shed roof repair
  • single repair
  • roof tile maintenance
  • fix cracked roof tile
  • ceramic roof tile repair
  • replacing clay roof tiles

Hire Us For Roof Maintenance

Roof repair and roof maintenance go hand in hand. Having a good roof replacement will prevent all the trouble that requires roof fixing in the future. Therefore, it’s rewarding to pay attention to little tasks such as fixing broken roof tiles and sealing leaks by the roof flashing. This will preserve the life of your roof and keep it’s durability in tip top condition.

If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, we will first perform an inspection. From there, we will be able to provide suggestions on the repair and replacement if necessary. We will give you the peace of mind knowing your roof is well taken care of and can withstand any types of weather.

Benefits of having regular roof maintenance

In Malaysia, there’s typically 5 types of roof shingles – metal, asphalt, wood, slate and tile. These different types of materials poses different challenges for roof repair work. Slate, asphalt, wood and tile roofs needs to be replaced where as metal shingles only need to be patched up and replaced if it’s too damaged.

No matter what types of roof you have, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent the higher cost of roof replacement that awaits. There’s also other benefits for roof maintenance:

  • prevent leaks and other roof problems
  • allow early detection of potential major roof problems
  • maintain a good roof appearance
  • prevent expensive damage repairs from leaks in the future

Services We Offer

The roof is an essential part of the house that will impact the durability of your entire home. Some house owners might only need their roofs or gutters repaired while others might want the whole thing replaced.

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we provide various roof services that’s guaranteed to give you the results that you want for your home. Whether we’re fixing the flat roofs, slate roofs or gutters, or having consultation on solutions, our experienced roof specialists are going to help you solve it. We know that taking care of the roof of your home might require roof repair, gutter cleaning, roof waterproofing or even roof restoration. Our roof contractors are ready for any job you throw at them.

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Roof Leak Repair Service
Roof Repair Malaysia has been a leader in roof leak repair in Cheras, Malaysia. Whether it be a roof leak or a gutter problem that caused the leak, we have the right skill and equipment to repair those problems. Before your roof showing signs of leak, we are ready to offer periodical roof maintenance to keep problems away before they get the chance to disturb you.

roof restoration by contractor

Roof Restoration
We have worked with so many residential roofs and restoration is the best way to get your roof looking like new. This is a good option if you have roof moss or mold. We can clean your roof, repair it and even paint it. These restoration will increase the lifespan of your roof as well as giving it an appearance upgrade.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Maintenance
Don’t spend your weekend stressing on gutter problems. At Roof Repair Malaysia, we can do the job for you. As part of our roof services, we can also take care of your gutter issues such as:

    • gutters that overflow
    • gutter slope
    • damaged gutter
    • bent gutter
    • gutter replacement

waterproof roof coating

Roof Waterproofing
Roofs are meant to take in punishment from the weather day to day. At Roof Repair Malaysia, our roof waterproofing services will help to extend your roof life. It’s truly a great investment that will save more cost compared to the roof leak and damage repair cost in the long run.

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Our professional team has vast experience in roofing industry and can meet the highest standards of quality.

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The roof problems vary across different types of material and structures. We offer customized solutions to each roof problems.

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We will ensure our roofing services are reasonable while maintaining a high quality of service.