roof leak repair butterworth

Roof Leak Repair In Butterworth, Penang

roof leak repair butterworth

If your roof is leaking, you need to organize a repair immediately! A leak does not just affect your roof and ceiling, it can also affect the structural integrity of your home.

Most home owners of Butterworth, Penang are not aware of it. By the time when you see water dripping through your ceiling, it’s a sign of leak that have probably existed several months back.

Our roof leak detection and repair service of Roof Repair Malaysia are made available to help home owners protect their home. We can identify leaks, fix them and prevent them from happening again in the future.

We also cover roof repair services in other areas of Penang such as Bukit Mertajam.

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Do you need a roof repair in Butterworth?

There are a few roof leak signs that you can look for before calling us at Roof Repair Malaysia. However, leak detection should be carried out by roof experts as they can be more comprehensive and also prevent roof damage in the process of inspection.

The biggest sign to look at is when you spot drips inside your home. If there is water stain on the ceiling, that’s another sign to note at. Moss growth and debris in the downspouts are also indicators that should not be overlooked.

Experienced roof leak detection service ready for hire in Butterworth!

We offer high-quality inspections and repairs to homeowners. Our years of experience in the roofing repair industry makes it easy for us to perform a thoroguh search of your roof to identify leaks. We can provide professional recommendation and obligation-free quote for your roof repairs.

Roofing Services We Offer

contractor repairing roof

Roof Leak Repair

The need for leaking roof repair can appear to be minimal. In fact, a lot of home owners do not realize it when the water is coming through their ceiling, it means the leak is already there for months.

If there’s any sign of roof leak, ceiling stains or leaks when it’s raining heavily, you need to give a call to your local roof repair company immediately.

roof restoration by contractor

Roof Restoration

Extend the durability of your roof by restoring it to its near newest condition possible. Remove those roof moss, fixing those broken roof tiles, waterproof your roof and more.

Restoration is a series of extensive process that will also improve the appearance of your roof. It’s one of the best way to implement if you’re looking to hike up the value of your property.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Seeing water stains on the ceiling? It’s a sign of roof leak or is it? Sometimes, problems with the gutter such as overflowing of gutter and blocked gutter can make way for the water to come into the house in unexpected ways!

At Roof Repair Malaysia, we understand how sneaky roof leaks can be. Gutter problems can be one of the factors that cause water damage to your ceiling. Let your worries be handled by experts, hire us for inspection today!

waterproof roof coating

Roof Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing is one of the most overlooked aspect when it comes to roof care among residents of Butterworth, Penang. In fact, many roof leak problems can be avoided if house owners apply waterproofing layers onto their roof.

This serves in two main ways – adds a layer of protection to your roof by making it waterproof and increase the lifespan of your roof extensively. Roof is designed to deteriorate. Metal roof will rust, roof tiles will break. Roof waterproofing is the best way to add years to them.

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