Signs of Roof Leaking

There’s a lot of aspects to look for when you’re out hunting for signs of roof leak. Even though we’re in Malaysia and there’s no hail or weather storm that can blow the roof away. It doesn’t mean that a roof leak does not happen.

If you manage to spot any of these signs, call for roof repair! Don’t wait until the ceiling starts dripping water.  Here are the signs of roof leaking that you should take note on.

1. Ceiling Stains

ceiling stain

One of the common signs of roof leak that we usually spot throughout our onsite career is ceiling stains or discoloration of the ceiling.

You can see if there is a brownish spot on the ceiling. They’re usually irregularly round in shape. If there is such a spot or even similar colored stain running down the wall, you might have a leaky roof somewhere.

Fixing leaky roofs is quite feasible to do by yourself. When you have spotted this indicator, don’t sit back and relax. It’s often an urgent thing that you have to fix right away or as soon as possible.

That’s because it could lead to more leaking roof damage such as growing mold that could harm your health, rotting of the frame that could jeopardize the integrity of your roof and even damaged ceiling that would cost more to fix later on.

No matter how small the stain is, it is best to investigate the source. A small stain might mean that there’s some water collected somewhere.

2. Damaged roof flashing

Roof flashing is usually a metal piece that is placed on the roof to direct water away from features such as vents and roof windows. Having extra roof features is nice but this also means that you need extra protection to it.

These features are potential weak points. When the flashing is damaged, rain water could flow into your house with ease. A routine check of the flashing condition would be good to prevent any problems that it may cause in the future.

3. Leaking Roof Gutters

gutter leaking

The gutters are an integral part of the roof that is responsible to direct the rain flow to the proper channel. It’s always out in the open, taking damage from the elements all year long.

It’s also usually the part of the house that would wear out before any others. That’s why it’s important to perform rain gutter cleaning from time to time.

There are a lot of signs of gutter leaking. One of them is rusting. So, if you spotted any rust, it’s best to tend to it as soon as you can.

Leaking gutters would mean that the water could flow out of it and seep into other parts of the house. It could moisten your wall and interior structure of the house.

If left ignored, it could even affect the structural integrity of your home as water gets into the foundation part of the house that is supposed to be dry.

4. Bulging of drywall

Drywall is a type of material that is used to make walls or ceilings for modern homes. It’s a common thing in other countries and slowly picking up its pace in Malaysia. It’s extremely durable and easy to install, being its advantage

However, bulging of the drywall will happen at one point and it’s mostly because of water damage. You may also spot discoloration and water spots on the wall which are huge indicators of water leakage somewhere.

5. Mold Growth On Exterior Walls

mold growing on exterior wall

Mold loves moisture. When the wall is constantly moist and wet, it becomes an ideal habitat for mold to grow. It would be an unpleasant sight to have these molds growing all over your wall.

It is very important to take care of these molds as they usually release microscopic spores that are harmful. Some of the harmful effects of these molds include allergic reactions, irritation and runny noses. It might also worsen the conditions of those who suffer from asthma.

You can always take a stroll around the house and check the wall surfaces for any signs of mold. Sometimes, you may spot some dark stains here and there.

Take note of it. If the mold spot is close to the ceiling, be aware. Check out if there’s any leakage from the gutter or downspouts nearby.

6. Distorted roof shingles

shingle distorted

Roofs only work well if they are in the right shape. If there is one piece of shingle out of place, this could very well mean that rain water will flow into that area of the roof.

Twisted or slightly out of place shingles are definitely something to take note on. Good news is that if you do spot it early, you can get it fixed the soonest you can. The chance of damage to your roof is lesser than if you see a missing shingle.

7. Sagging of the ceiling

A sagging ceiling looks ugly. It seems as if the whole thing will drop off any time soon. The fact is that it does pose some risks. The ceiling pieces could come crashing down on your belongings or worse on someone’s head.

Sagging ceiling can be an interior sign of roof damage. Leaks from the roof will soften the wood and wall which leads to ceiling sagging over time.

8. Broken Roof Tiles

broken roof tiles

Roof tiles are covering on the roof that overlaps each other. When one piece is missing or broken, moisture could leak into the attic or roof deck and even collects a pool of water behind the ceiling.

That’s when you will start to notice discoloration on the wall or bulge. This is one of the most common signs of roof leak to look for.

In a more serious case where the roof structure is greatly compromised, the whole ceiling could collapse. Combined with the house design that usually does not have ventilation on the attic, moisture will build up and could not escape.

This could cause even more damage such as rotting and mold growth. So, take note of your roof appearance. Damaged tiles should be replaced immediately.

We hope we made it easy for you guys to spot the signs of roof leaking.

As a conclusion, the signs of roof leaking is as follows:

    • ceiling stains
    • damaged roof flashing
    • leaking roof gutters
    • bulging of drywall
    • mold growth on the exterior wall
    • distorted roof shingles
    • sagging of the ceiling
    • broken roof tiles

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