Disclaimer: This article is for readers in regions with four seasons. If you live in a region without four seasons, please pick the points that are useful to you.

Key Takeaways:

1. Homeowners should treat visits by roofing companies with the same preparedness as hosting guests, making the environment safe and efficient for repairs.

2. Clearing driveways and protecting plants, moving furniture, and securing valuables are vital steps for outside and inside the home.

3. Communication with family and neighbors is essential to ensure everyone’s safety and minimize disruptions.

4. Unforeseen setbacks such as weather or material delays may occur, but homeowners should view them as temporary hold-ups rather than roofing companies’ faults.

5. Professional roofing companies offer a complete range of services, including shingle repairs, attic maintenance, leak prevention, and more, benefiting homeowners with high-quality workmanship.


When I’m expecting family or friends to visit, I know it’s essential to prepare for their arrival. I shop for meal items, clean the house, and take care of the landscaping or snow removal, depending on the season. After all, I want to make a good impression on my guests.

So why shouldn’t this same mindset be applied when roofing companies visit homes in the snow-belt region? Roofers are essentially guests invited by homeowners, and it’s rare and inappropriate for them to initiate repair work without prior arrangements or consent.

Every day, roofing companies arrive at homes for scheduled inspections or service calls, only to find that homes and their surroundings are not ready to receive them. This can cause delays and even pose safety threats that must be addressed. To expedite the work, provide safer environments, and safeguard homes, snow-belt region homeowners should consider these steps before roofing service calls:

Outside the Home:

– Keep the driveway clear of vehicles, bikes, toys, etc.
– Cover plants/shrubs to protect them from debris or damage.
– Move furniture, ornaments, equipment, etc., away from the house.

Inside the Home:

– Secure any valuables sensitive to vibrations.
– Remove paintings, pictures, etc., from walls below the work area.
– Cover furniture under the work area with sheets to protect from dust.

With Family and Neighbors:

– Keep children and pets inside the home or at a caregiver’s home.
– Advise immediate neighbors to take precautions with their properties.
– Inform nearby residents about the work, traffic, expected duration, etc.

It’s also crucial to consider the possibility of unforeseen setbacks or delays due to factors like inclement weather, contractor availability, or backordered materials. These situations may require repeating the preparations and communications, but homeowners should view them as temporary hold-ups rather than blaming the roofing companies.

By physically and mentally preparing for these visits and potential delays, homeowners can support and influence the work performed by roofing companies.

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