Seeing brown stains on the ceiling? This could very well mean there’s water leak going on behind those ceiling boards. One of the reasons is a leaking roof. Be sure to get your friendly local roof contractors to check your roof condition. The roofer may get your roof fixed but they probably not gonna help you refresh the look of your ceiling. Here’s how to remove water stains from ceiling without painting.

Remove Water Stains from Ceiling without Painting

1. Fix the source of leak

Before we get into cleaning that brown stain from the ceiling, it’s very important to get the source of the stain fixed which is usually from dripping water somewhere. It can be from the roof or from the water pipe. Sometimes, a leaking gutter also can be a cause for moisture to be able to get into the ceiling of your house.

Hire local and reliable roofers to get your roof checked. Once that is done, you are up for cleaning the ceiling stain. This is a cheap and easy method that works!

2. Get the materials ready

You only require a few things to remove water stains and paint is not one of them 🙂 Here’s what you will need:

  • bleach
  • water at room temperature
  • measuring cup
  • spray bottle
  • goggles
  • ladder
  • old newspaper

3. Mix your bleach and water in 2 to 3 ratio

The best ratio of bleach of water is 2 parts bleach and 3 parts water. Measure it with the measuring cup. Fill it up into your spray bottle and screw it tight.

Remember to get the right sized of spray bottle to avoid waste.

Do not use warm or hot water as the bleach vapor can be irritating when inhaled. The discomfort and slight burn is not something enjoyable folks.

Wear eye goggles to avoid the bleach water from getting into the eyes. Bleach is a harmful chemical agent. If your eyes are exposed to it, you have to immediately rinse the eye continuously for 10 minutes.

Do not rub the eyes while rinsing. Use a hose or get under the faucet. Use your fingers to hold your eyelids open while letting the water to run through the eyes. Seek medical treatment as necessary.

4. Set up the ladder

Clear the area around the ladder. Move those chairs and objects away to avoid accidents. Imagine yourself getting up the ladder and spraying at the stain. Make sure you are comfortable with your movement.

This is essential as you don’t want to stretch your arms too far out and risk falling off the ladder. Shift the ladder as needed before trying to get to the other stains that may seem to be out of reach.

5. Spray it onto the stain

Before you get up the ladder and remove water stains from the ceiling with the bleach mixture, be sure to wear goggles. Cover the floor with the old newspaper to in case of any dripping solution. You can also cover the area around it to protect the surface from bleach drips.

Then, spray the solution onto the stain and make sure the entire brown surface is covered with the bleach solution.

Let it sit until it dries up. Repeat as necessary.

This DIY method is best to be done when the stain is small and manageable. It should help to get rid of the stain in no time. Bleach is also a strong homemade moss killer. So, you can use it for your roof care.

In case the stain on the ceiling is too big for some reason, perhaps a better method which is painting it would be best because it saves more time and looks visually much better.

For some reason, the stain might have worked too deep into the ceiling material that the bleach won’t be effective enough to get rid of the brown stain completely. Here’s an alternative way to get rid of brown stain from ceiling without using paint:

Use stain blocker to cover the brown ceiling stain

Stain blocker is a spray that is used to cover stains such as water marks. This is yet another brilliant way to remove water stains from ceiling without painting it.

Just get up the ladder and spray it lightly. Don’t spray it too much to prevent it from falling on you or drip onto the floor.

You may also need to cover any features nearby such as ceiling light to protect them from getting sprayed accidentally. You can use old newspaper and scotch tape for that.

We hope that this article helped you guys to remove that ugly water stain on the ceiling without painting. We understand that painting is not for everyone especially when the stain is small. The paint smell is disturbing and troublesome too. Leave us a comment below, we would love to know any better methods if there is.

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