How to Fix Roof Leak in Rain?

You’re sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the sound of the rain. You almost fell asleep than a drop of water touched your head. You looked up and immediately realize, it’s a roof leak! Oh gosh! Lucky you’ve stumbled this article. So, how to fix a roof leak in the rain?

We’ll equip you with this life-saving knowledge in no time. To take your roof type into consideration as different types of roof shingles will require different approach.

Method 1: Use Rubberized Wet Patch To Fix The Roof Leak

Rubberized wet patch is a rubber modified sealant that can be used to seal roof leak in hot or wet condition. This is just the perfect thing to use when you need to fix the roof and it’s raining out there. You can use this for asphalt shingles or even tile shingles.

Before we do that, do remember to wear rubber gloves to give you a better grip despite the wet condition. Also, don’t forget your anti-slip shoes. It’s raining out there and it’s not fun to be sliding off the roof.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Identify the source of roof leak

In general, there’s a few areas where you can look for to find the source of roof leak. You can check if there’s any broken or distorted roof shingles. Broken roof tiles and damaged shingles are few more signs of roof leak to note on.

In some cases, it’s not the roof that is causing the leak. It could be a leaking gutter. Gutter is an essential part of the roof that prevents water from coming into your house. If you see the gutter has rusting parts or pulling away from the roof, these are usually signs that your gutter is failing.

Fixing a leaking roof when it’s raining is probably much easier than the gutter. In the gutter, the flow of water is heavier and will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the sealant. Worse case is that most of them will probably be washed down the downspout.

In this case, it’s probably best to wait it out and give a call to your friendly roof contractor for a  tea time before forcing them to fix the leak for you.

2. Prepare your wet patch inside a container

Scoop some of the rubberized wet patch into a container along with your putty knife. You’ll need to carry it up.

Be sure to put it inside a plastic bag so the rain won’t get into it. It would be best to have a proper handle too so you can hold it properly when heading up.

3. Position your safety ladder at an even ground

After you identify the leak, you need a safe access point. Make sure the place where you setup the ladder is as close to the source of leak as possible so you don’t have to travel far across the other galaxy of the roof.

4. Get up the roof with caution

There’s probably water sliding down the roof that attempts to make you loose your footing. That’s why a non-slip foot wear is very important.

It is recommended to stay inside the house until the rain stops. But, if you have to get up the roof, make sure that it’s not when the rain is still super heavy.

Let the rain slow down a bit before getting up the roof. Also, expect strong wind while you’re up there. So, lower your body while moving around on the roof.

5. Apply the wet patch.

Take the putty knife and apply the sealant onto the source of roof leak. Make sure it’s covered properly. Flatten it down with the putty knife so that the rain water can flow through it with ease.

Method 2: Tape The Leaking Metal Roof Hole With Gorilla Tape

gorilla tape for roof leak

Gorilla Tape is a brand of adhesive tape that is geared to repair emergency leaks such as drainage pipe, gutters including roofs! It’s such an amazing tape that can work even on wet conditions. This method works on smooth surface. Metal roof is best for this.

It’s one of the easiest thing to use. Plus, the UV protective back that it has allows it to withstand under the sun for some time.

Here’s how to fix the leak with a Gorilla tape under the rain:

1. Prepare yourself

Get yourself well equipped before fixing the roof leak. The tape got your back but it’s raining outside. Things can get slippery and dangerous. So, get your rain coat, safety ladder and non-slip shoes on.

2. Get up the ladder

One good thing about metal roof is that sometimes, it can be easier to identify the source of the leak. Get up the ladder carefully and approach the leak area of the metal roof.

3. Put on the Gorilla tape to seal the hole on the metal roof

You can rip the Gorilla tape without scissors! How cool is that considering how durable this tape can be. Without the need to bring a scissors up, that’s basically means it’s so much safer for you.

So, rip out a decent strip of Gorilla tape and put it on the roof. Try to rub out the moisture under it. And, you’re done!

Note that this is just a temporary fix for your roof. Gorilla tape is strong and sturdy but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Get a roofer to fix your roof the proper way.

Method 3: Cover The Entire Roof With Tarp

tarp on roof to fix leak when its raining

This is like a shotgun method. Finding the leak can be hard. So, why not just cover the entire roof with a tarp right? This provides a temporary solution to your roof leak problem. A proper roof repair or roof restoration will still needed in the end.

Here’s how you can use a tarp on your roof:

1. Get your tarp and weights ready

Firstly, you need a tarp large enough to cover your entire roof. You will also need weights to weigh down the tarp once you put them in place. Consider having a bunch of 2 by 4 lumber or plywood pieces in your store just in case.

2. Get up the roof carefully

Before doing this, make sure you have rubber shoes on. This will help to reduce the risk of slipping.

Place the ladder at the proper location. Make sure the ground is even and the ladder is secured properly. Apply the proper ladder safety procedures.

Get a friend to watch over you and know what you’re doing. If you need your friend to help you, be sure to only get on the ladder one person at a time.

3. Lay the tarp over the ridge and cover the entire roof

Roll the tarp down from the ridge of the roof. Do not step on the tarp as it can be slippery.

Use the plywood to hold the tarp in place. For asphalt shingled roofs, you can nail through the plywood to secure your tarp.

You might need to use bricks instead to weigh down the tarp if you have tiled roofs.

We at Roof Repair Malaysia strongly discourage the act of getting up the roof to fix the leak while it’s raining. It’s very dangerous to do so without the proper equipment and knowledge.

What we advise is to just call your local roofer for help. Your own life worth so much more than that extra few bucks saved. Contain the leak from inside the house.

Lay down some buckets to hold the dripping water. Use plastic sheet to cover your furniture and keep the electronics away from source of leak.

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