Can A Cracked Roof Tile Cause A Leak?

Roof tiles are meant to be aligned on the roof in an organized manner to be effective against the weather. Any misalignment or improper placement may pose risk to leaking. Sometimes, as you inspect your roof tile, you may spot a crack on the tiles here and there. So, can a cracked roof tile cause a leak? 

Yes, a cracked roof tile can cause a leak as it allows moisture to seep into the underlying layers of the roof. Especially during a weather storm, the strong water pressure will gush its way into the cracks, going deeper and leaks into the attic. The sign of a roof leak may not be that obvious at first but over time, you will start noticing brownish stains on the ceiling, peeling paint on walls or growth of mold. 

Why are there hairline cracks in roof tiles?

heavy storms could cause hairline crack in roof tiles

A hairline cracks in roof tiles can be difficult to spot. However, the effects could be huge in terms of aesthetics, insulation and energy efficiency. It is best to get it fixed immediately before it causes even more costly damage. Why are there hairline cracks in the roof? 


The hairline cracks in the roof can happen when there’s significant pressure from walking on the roof. A piece of poking nails from under the roof too could cause the hairline crack. Sometimes, heavy storms too can be the culprit. It may also be caused during transportation. After a few cycles of expansion and contraction under the changing weather, the crack begins to open up. Replacement of the tile should be in place to prevent entry of water. 

Why do my roof tile right corner cracks?

Roof tiles should be perfect in shape to carry out their duty to protect the house from extreme weather. However, in some cases, you might find that the roof on the right corner cracks. The weird thing is that it happens in a consistent pattern on several tiles around the roof. Why do the roof tile right corner cracks?

The roof tile right corner cracks can happen during shipping or it can be manufacturer defects. Having the tiles installed tightly against each other also may cause the crack as the forces of expansion and contraction occur. This is because it is the weakest part of the tile. There’s also the possibility of hairline crack during transportation. This later escalates into larger cracks after a few cycles of rain and frost. 

Can birds crack roof tiles?

can birds crack roof tiles

Sometimes, birds make it a way of leisure around the roof of your house. It can be hanging on a tree nearby just chilling. In extreme cases, it could be making a nest under the roof. They can be loud and leave excrements and debris on the roof. With all the potential issues they could give, can birds crack roof tiles? 


No, birds cannot crack roof tiles but they can damage those that are already cracking even more. They can leave bird droppings that may degrade roofing materials as the poop contains a high amount of uric acid. Birds might make a nest under your roofs, making it an attraction to insects that could cause structural damage over time. The waste and debris from their nesting also can be unpleasant with rotting nests of dead chicks and bird eggs.

How are roof tiles fixed?

Roof tiles are usually placed in an interlocking position. They can be very slippery to walk on due to the granular effect of the tiles. It is also quite common that every third row of the tiles are nailed. Are we getting technical here? Anyway, knowing these is essential as a professional roofer before attempting to fix it. How are roof tiles fixed? This video will give you a brief on it:

We started with a curious question, can a cracked roof tile cause a leak? The short answer is yes. We have covered the cause of the crack and the type of cracks of either hairline or corner. We even touched on the aspect of whether a bird can be the culprit. The final solution is actually a tile replacement. This itself needs to be handled properly as working at a height is a dangerous risk. It is best to get a qualified roof contractor to get your roof inspected periodically and to replace all the cracked roof tile that may cause a leak in your house.