Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles

Both modern builders and renovators are increasingly opting for both sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for their roofing. The use of clay roof tiles is increasing considerably. Why this sudden interest in this material? What are the advantages of clay roof tiles, and what tips and precautions do we prefer to take into account to make our new roof covering an absolute eye-catcher?

1. Long lifespan

Due to the nature of this material, a roof with these clay roof tiles can easily reach a lifespan of not less than one hundred and fifty years. A clay roof tile is particularly durable, which neither the ravages of time nor the most extreme weather conditions can affect. This reduces the probability that you need a roof repair. Thus, saving cost.

clay tile is resistant to extreme weather

2. Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Clay roof tiles can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the exceptional structure of their pores, clay roof tiles are perfectly resistant to severe frost. But that’s not all. During rain and snow, these pores are not filled with water. This is undoubtedly an important additional advantage compared to other materials. In this way, the empty pores of our clay roof tiles form an expansion vessel, as it were. High tensions, caused by the expansion of the ice, are thus absorbed as much as possible. This prevents major damage to our home and increases the safety of the residents.

3. Clay roof tiles easy to maintain

Another benefits of clay tile roof tile is the ease of maintenance of this material. If a maintenance job has to be carried out on our roof, this can be done without having to tear down parts of our roof, as is the case when using some other materials. This ease of maintenance is mainly due to the handy formats in which they are available and their remarkably easy installation method.

clay roof tile is suitable for both sloped and curved roof

4. Suitable for both for sloping and curved roof

Today’s clay roof tiles come in a wide range of handy sizes, colors and remarkably easy installation methods. As a result, they are now suitable for any sloping or curved roof, or facade to be renovated. They have even been adapted to the contemporary design and aesthetics of our roof. This is probably one of the essential clay roof tiles advantages in this modern world.

5. Easy to handle and environmentally friendly

The other benefits of clay roof tiles are being super lightweights, which makes them easy to handle. Undoubtedly an important asset in the installation of our roofing. At the same time, this results in significant savings in the transport of our roof tiles. This is undoubtedly an additional asset for our environment, because less harmful emissions of carbon monoxide, which are particularly harmful to our environment.

clay roof tile is temperature resistant

6. Temperature resistant

Clay roof tiles are extremely resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, and therefore certainly also against large temperature fluctuations and moisture. These are undoubtedly the two main enemies of our roofing. Clay roof tiles are remarkably dimensionally stable. Compared to other roof coverings, they hardly shrink, nor do they expand. Annoying noises are therefore minimized.

7. Clay roof tiles are also color resistant

Clay roof tiles are extremely resistant to the extreme temperature fluctuations, precipitation, erosion and air pollution to which they are exposed for years. Clay roof tiles are colour-fast under all circumstances. The clay roof tile does get a natural patina, but this does not affect its natural color. Even in coastal areas, where our roofing is exposed to salt, sand and wind, the clay roof tile retains its beautiful appearance for life.

8. Environmentally friendly somewhat recyclable

Thanks to their sustainable character, clay roof tiles can be recycled without any problems. Thus, minimizing environmental impact. In many cases, damaged roof tiles can easily be replaced by new ones. Damaged, and non-reusable clay roof tiles can be completely recycled by, for example, making interior wall bricks.

clay tile perfect as facade cladding

9. Excellent for facade cladding

Clay roof tiles cannot only be used for effective roofing. In recent years they have also been used more and more as contemporary facade cladding. Clay roof tiles are also ideal for additional insulation of existing buildings. A supporting structure can first be installed on a non-insulated wall. In between is the insulation layer. The clay roof tiles then form the outermost layer of our facade. The facade is separated from its insulation layer by a cavity wall.

We hope this article cleared things up on the benefits of clay roof tiles. In need of roof repair or roof maintenance services in Malaysia? Roof Repair Malaysia is ready to help!